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Disney Builds the Clean, Green World of Tomorrow

The curtain goes up this month on today’s greatest show on Earth - Walt Disney World, a $300-million, 43-square-mile vacationland near Orlando, Fla. At its center is a fancier, larger version of California’s famed Disneyland.

But Disney World has more to offer than entertainment. It’s designed to be a preview of the kind of America we can have tomorrow. Here the air and water will be pure, much of the wilderness will remain untouched, and man will be master -not victim- of the machine.

With 10 million people visiting the park each year, its example soon should have an impact on citizens in every part of America, including city planners, politicians, housewives, automakers and industrial polluters.

Here, in a “town” that will host 35,000 people, will be nuts-and-bolts proof that good design can preserve the best of nature without being more expensive. Here, as well, will be machinery, materials and systems to make life in the future pleasanter and safer. Even bigger innovations are in the offering.


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