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Disneyland Adds Submarine and Monorail
Forty-passenger submarines, a bobsled ride down a replica of the Matterhorn, and 82-passenger monorail trains are features of a new addition to Disneyland near Los Angeles, Calif. Passengers on the submarines make a realistic underwater journey through coral gardens, then descend to greater depths to view the wrecks of old treasure galleons and pass under the polar icecap. The conning towers on the submarines are above water at all times while the passengers, sitting below the water level, View the scenes through portholes. The descent to great depths is simulated by entering a tunnel in which the reduced light gives an illusion of a deep dive. The 146-foot-high Matterhorn is a scale model of the actual mountain and is covered with imitation ice and snow. The new monorail system is the first of its kind in the United States, and its trains ride on rubber tires on the reinforced concrete beams that make up the overhead track.


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