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Fairyland of Yesterday and Tomorrow

Forty passengers at a time will get a realistic impression of space travel in a huge moon rocket being built near Los Angeles as part of Walt Disney’s $9,000,000 Disneyland recreation park. Strapped to their seats, the passengers will thrill at the vibration and roar of the simulated take-off, listen to the staccato commands of the rocket captain over the intercom, watch the earth recede below them through a huge viewing port in the rocket’s chamber floor and will even experience the sensation of weightlessness in midspace-all without leaving the ground. Near the Tomorrowland area in which the rocket is located, visitors will find an authentic Frontierland complete with Indians and frontiersmen. Here they may shoot muskets at painted buffalo and other game targets or board a 105-foot sternwheeler for a cruise past replicas of famous landmarks. In other areas they may ride an explorer’s boat through tropical settings, visit a diamond mine or full-scale sets of Disney motion pictures, or ride on Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Including picnic areas and the storybook castles of Fantasy Land, the project occupies 160 acres. Parking for 10,000 cars will be provided. Image captions:

  • Entrance to Frontierland in fabulous Disneyland will be through stockade-type gates of an old fort
  • Above, model of the castle being built in Fantasyland. It will be 80 feet high. Below, models of the 105-foot sternwheeler and old train for the park
  • Tomorrowland will offer rides on monorail cars and a stationary rocket ship for simulated trips to the moon
  • The wonders of Disneyland cover 160 acres at Anaheim, Calif., and will be open for inspection next May



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