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Animals Are Like Other People
Tom McHugh

No Hollywood star could be as temperamental, as hilarious, as touching, or as frightening as some of the actors that have performed their roles before my camera.

As a member of the Walt Disney wildlife camera crew, I spent two seasons filming the spectacular True-Life Adventure, The Vanishing Prairie. We followed and found our animal and bird actors in remote sections of the West—in the last retreats of the native wildlife of the Great Plains.

This was my greatest camera adventure.

My “actors” were unpredictable. They misbehaved continually. Small ones disappeared down burrows just when I was ready to start my camera. Of course they ran from me whenever I inadvertently revealed myself. They hid from me much more easily than I from them. Larger ones often charged me angrily when I got too close.

Yet all this was to be expected. […]


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