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The Story Of Robin Hood
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Two years before this Technicolor movie went into production, Walt Disney and his staff began a study of 12th Century ballads and folk stories. Out of these songs and stories a new and exciting version of “Robin Hood” was born, with Robin revealed, not as an outlaw but as a rebel against the tyrannies of his time.

This movie, filmed in England’s Sherwood Forest, has an all-English cast, headed by Richard Todd, known to Americans for his “Hasty Heart,” “Stage Fright” and “Lightning Strikes Twice,’ and Joan Rice, fiery young newcomer, in her first starring role.

“The Story of Robin Hood” is a forerunner of the many live pictures Walt Disney plans to make -- at least one a year, in addition to his full-length and short cartoon features.


Maid Marian (Joan Rice) and Robin Hood (Richard Todd) have been sweethearts ae since childhood. Robin, outlawed because of his loyalty to the absent King of England, hides in Sherwood Forest from Prince ag John, who plots to usurp the throne.


Robin avenges the murder of his father. And the bowmen hired by the Sheriff of Nottingham learn to fear him and his men


Maid Marian meets Robin Hood, Friar Tuck (James Hayter) and the band to tell them ransom is needed to free the King from a German prison. They succeed in raising the money. Freed, King Richard (Patrick Barr) knights Robin, who marries Maid Marian


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