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Pinocchio Vs. Gulliver

Following close on the heels of the path-blazing "Snow White," two more beloved childhood classics come to life through the genius of those masters of cartoon-Walt Disney and Max Fleischer

At opposite ends of the United States two brilliant rivaly -- Walt Disney in Hollywood and Max Fleischer in Miami (he was the father of the first life-like animated drawings on the screen) -- coaxed their artist-assistants to finish film versions of two beloved classics for your winter's entertainment.

To some unknown genius in the dim past we are indebted for this story of ''Pinocchio'"’ which has charmed legions of children through many generations, for it was Italian folklore long before Carlo Lorenzini, using the pen name of C. Collodi, put it on paper in 1870. While this RKO film is pure fantasy, Jonathan Swift's classic, ‘Gulliver's Travels," the story of a man ina land of midgets, written in the early eighteenth century and now being filmed by Paramount, has the distinction of being a story for children and, at the same time, a bitter satire on mankind.




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