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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

A galaxy of favorites old and new especially drawn for us. Close-ups (below and opposite page) of the new characters, by courtesy of Walt Disney

A Photoplay Exelusive brings you a first glimpse of those fairy-tale characters, soon to be famous

Season's Greetings, Photoplay!

Come join us in our holiday.
It's one of joy and great delight
For now at last we've finished "SNOW WHITE."

We've worried and hurried and scurried around
Preparing our Princess for color and sound;
We've grunted and groaned and lived by our wits
And written new music to see that it fits.

Three years we
have labored, worked without end,
Thousands of drawings our artists have penned;
But, alas and alack, since we can't tell you more
We give you these pages
of fairy-tale lore.

The dwarfs came home from a busy day
And found a guest was there,
Upon the bed, asleep she lay,
Snow White-their Princess fair.



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