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Automatic camera control for creating special effects in motion picture photography
David Snyder, Don Iwerks, Robert Otto, Lee Richardson, David Inglish

An automated camera control drives a video or motion picture camera along multiple independent axes of movement to position the camera for recording an image of a field of view, typically focused upon a model or artwork in special effects motion picture photography. Key position coordinates are manually defined for specific frames of film in a film transport. The automated system generates axial coordinates at each intermediate frame and drives the camera to the intermediate positions thereby defined, as well as the several key positions defined manually. The camera is mounted upon a carriage and a model can also be mounted in relation to the camera and moved in coordinated fashion along a multiplicity of axes. The system accepts manual additions of specified key positions and position data, and the key position information can be edited or deleted. The camera can be driven through the same course of movement with exact repeatability once the specified key positions and corresponding positional data have been manually defined. A model stand and motion picture process projector can be driven in synchronism with the motion picture camera, and an operator monitors and controls all functions from a console positioned independent of the camera.


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