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Fantasound patent
Sound reproducing system
William E. Garity, John N. A. Hawkins

This invention pertains to methods of creating novel sound effects in theatres, and to combinations and arrangements of elements whereby various highly desirable and novel sound effects may be readily and automatically produced in a theatre or other amusement center, either with or without the conjoint presentation of photoplays. […]

The present invention distinguishes from these earlier attempts in that it is not directed to binaural systems or systems in which the two speakers are supplied with sound recording slightly out of phase with one another but instead is directed to a method of reproduction in which one or more program sound recordings may be reproduced in accordance with intelligence carried by a control track from a plurality of loud speaking means positioned in the side walls, ceiling, front and back of a theatre so as to virtually encircle the audience in the amusement reception center of the theatre. […]


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Subject date 1940
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