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Multiplane camera patent
Control device for animation
William E. Garity

The present invention is directed toward means for use in controlling the production of animated photoplays such as animated cartoons, so that the photography of the various drawings, paintings and other pictorial representations may be facilitated. The means of the invention are particularly designed and adapted to the photography of a plurality of drawings, paintings and other pictorial representations at the same time, each drawing or painting representing a portion of a completed scene. During the photography of scenes in which a plurality of elements is represented, one or more of the elements, figures or actors may change position from one frame to another of the finished film in the camera and in order to assure smoothness of action and prevent undesired displacement of the images from one frame to the next of the completed motion picture film, each drawing and pictorial representation must be very carefully and positively positioned and/or advanced in a predetermined manner. The present invention facilitates this work and provides means whereby positive control can be exercised over all of the elements and factors entering into the process. […]


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Subject date 1938
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