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Remembering Diane Disney Miller

Jim looks back with fondness at Walt's daughter

As I explained to fellow Disney historian Didier Ghez Tuesday night over the phone, the notification of the passing of Diane Disney Miller was like being hit hard in the chest and all the air leaving your body.

Diane was an amazing woman and so full of life and with so many things left to do that it seems unreal that she is gone. I do not have the skill or the words to write how much I will miss her as a person and as an active patron of Disney history.

When I spoke at the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, which exists only because of her vision and dedication, I remarked later to friends how taken aback I was that Diane was so physically fit that she could easily bound two steps at a time going up stairways without any effort. Her mind was razor-sharp and, like her father, always curious. It seemed like she would be around forever.



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