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Disneyland 1960
Jim Korkis

Jim hits the park for a look at the special events and nostalgic attractions, like Skull Rock and Nature's Wonderland.

Disneyland's fifth birthday in 1960 was a bit anti-climatic since, less than a year before, in 1959, the park experienced such sweeping changes. Walt Disney himself described 1959 as "the second opening of Disneyland" with the opening of the first "E Ticket" attractions like the Disneyland-Alweg Monorail, Submarine Voyage and Matterhorn Bobsleds.

It has all been well documented with a huge summer celebration that included a television special and theatrical documentary featurette, Gala Day at Disneyland.

Walt and his team were also deeply involved with the 1960 Winter Olympics held in February 1960. Walt wasn't just responsible for all the glamour and glitz, like the opening and closing ceremonies, nighttime entertainment for athletes and officials, as well as decorating the venue. He was also asked to provide help with tickets, parking, and security.



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