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David R. Smith Interview
Part 2
Jim Korkis

Last week Chief Archivist Emeritus Dave Smith shared some stories about the beginning of the Disney Archives and, in this second installment, he continues that story.

[Jim Korkis is] personally very grateful to Dave for the time and knowledge he has shared with me over the decades. In truth, he also did that with so many others, both serious researchers and casual fans, and as a result has enriched Disney history and its accuracy for all of us.

Dave Smith Remembers

 "So back in June 1970, I went around all the departments at the studio. You go up to them and say, 'We've started an archives now; why don't you turn over your file set to us that you've been preserving all these years?'

 "What do you think the answer was? [laughs] 'What do you think we are? Why should we give you our file set? How do we know that you're going to take good care of it?' So, we had to prove ourselves.


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