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Floyd Norman Remembers The Sword in the Stone
Part 1
Jim Korkis

Very little has been written about the Disney animated feature film, The Sword in the Stone (1963). Disney fans do not hate the film, but it certainly doesn't make it into anyone's top 10 lists either.


On Saturday, September 30, [Jim Korkis] got to talk with [Floyd] Norman both on and offstage at the Disneyana Fan Club event in Anaheim, California. For that morning's breakfast to entertain the attendees, [Jim] was dressed as Merlin the magician and performed as [he] did many years ago at Walt Disney World's Fantasyland. [He] even interviewed him as Merlin, inspired by the often-neglected Disney animated feature, The Sword in the Stone and he drew some special artwork for the club featuring Merlin and Wart.

The interview focused specifically on Norman's work on that film where he was the assistant to Disney Legend Milt Kahl who animated Merlin and Mad Madam Mim.

The following is a compilation of his conversation with [him] both on and off stage about that film minus my questions and comments and includes some additional material from Norman that he wrote for his blog.


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