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"How I Would Sell... BON VOYAGE!
Disney Laugh Riot Is Summer Treat For Entire Family

Every exhibitor must welcome a Disney comedy as we do and his "BON VOYAGE!" is saleable merchandise that has box-office written all over it. This, however, is not a reason to relax our efforts. "BON VOYAGE!" deserves the best campaign we can devise. It is, in fact, something of a challenge to showmen. How are we going to top last summer's grosses on "ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR"? That is the challenge we hope to successfully meet in a manner as detailed in the following text. Disney has given us a fine product. Charles Levy and company at Buena Vista have provided some fine tools to work with. The movie-goer is waiting to be told. We want every potential customer in our area to say, "Im glad I saw it!" not "I'm sorry I missed it!



Tommy Kirk (Reference), Frederick Martin MacMurray (Fred MacMurray) (Reference)


Bon Voyage (1962) (Bon Voyage)


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