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Annette Funicello
I park... in front of the house

Q Are you really turning over a new leaf?

A Oh, yes. I've had it. Being fickle was fun when I was young, which wasn't so very long ago, I guess. But today I think I'm grown-up and have passed this baby-ish stage. I've started looking for the boy and don't go out very much any more. I don't care about it any more.

Q What do you mean by 'it'?

A Sex, I suppose.

Q Have you also stopped falling for older men- a habit which used to cause you great grief?

A Yes. Long ago. It was another of the little girl problems I've outgrown.

Q But there 2S one older man you can't erase from your memory, isn't there?

A So, you found out about Jack. He's a handsome cameraman at the Disney Studios. I had a mad crush on him and he once promised to 'wait' for me. But when he got married last year I guess he forgot that promise. But I suppose he's just a part of the past. I'm trying to forget him.

Q It's not easy, is it?

A To be honest, no. I'm having a hard time convincing myself that it's all over. But it is. It was just another one of my silly crushes.

Q You've had a lot of them, haven't you?

A I used to fall in love every other week.

Q There was also Guy Williams, wasn't there?

A That was another crush. I see him all the time and we do publicity together. But that's it.

Q From the past let's jump to the present. Rumor has it that three guys whose initials are P. F and F are sort of chasing you. Care to confirm the rumor?



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