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The Sounds of TRON
Tom R. Halfhill
The Atari and Apple produce sounds of greater purity than some synthesizers, according to Frank Serafine, one of the creators of the TRON sound track. He used these computers to create some of the movie's most memorable sound effects. […] This early scene from Walt Disney Productions' summer release, TRON, is typical of the film's pioneering use of animated computer graphics. But while TRON's stunning visual effects have attracted the most attention from critics and audiences, fewer people are aware that the film's sound effects break new ground, too. The sounds, like the visuals, also are the product of high-technology computerization. Apple And Atari Sounds What is even more interesting, at least for personal computer enthusiasts, is the equipment used to fashion those sound effects: many were generated with an off-the-shelf Atari 800 and an Apple 11. […]


Frank Serafine (Interviewee)


TRON (1982) (TRON), Music, Sound effects/Sound design (Film music, Score, Music, Film sound, Sound effects, Sound design, Sound Recording, Musik)


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