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Master of The Black Hole
Peter Ellenshaw at the American Film Institute
John Colhane
J.C. My name is John Colhane. I'm a writer and a film historian, and a Disney character. No, that's true. As some of you know, I have been snooping around the Disney studios for so many years, working on books and magazine articles, that some of the Disney artists caricatured me when they needed a villain for their last animated feature, The Rescuers. So I am "Mr. Snoops". A few months ago I did a story for America Film Magazine on Peter Ellenshaw, and Mr. and Mrs. Ellenshaw invited me to their home in Santa Barbara, and I saw the Himalaya Mountains. They are hanging on their wall. What Jack Cardiff did was he took his camera and he took pictures of Peter's Himalaya Mountains. It turns out that a lot of the places that set my imagination on fire, such as "Arabian Nights", "Bagdad", "The Thief of "Bagdad", or "Ancient Rome", "QuoVadis", or "Spartacus", "Vulcania" and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", or "Treasure Island", exist in the imagination of Peter Ellenshaw. J.C. Peter, in snooping around I found that there is a legend of how you met Walt Disney, and then because we are doing the distinction between reality and illusion, tonight, there is the reality of how you met Walt Disney. The legend first, Peter, please. […]


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