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The Economic Setting of the City of Tomorrow
Economics Research Associates
This report investigates whether or not the local and tourist populations in Florida will provide adequate support for the development of a major park, the City of Tomorrow in Palm Beach, and the extent of competitive conflict with Disneyland in California. It treats several aspects of Florida population including its trend, regional distributions, family size and income and racial makeup, evaluates several aspects of Florida tourism including its significant double season, considers the impact of the proposed park on Disneyland and projects its potential attendance, and presents preliminary data on the economic setting of the Palm Beach area. Prepared for WED Enterprises, Inc. Burbank, California. Report number "1081 A1 B ERA #42" (Report no. 1081, Subject category A1, Restriction code B, ERA #42) on cover. Includes tables.
From Harrison Buzz Price Papers, Special Collections & University Archives, University of Central Florida Libraries, Orlando, Florida




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