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An Economic Master Plan For Project Future
Economic Research Associates
This report formulates an economic master plan for Project Future, which was envisioned as taking full advantage of the vast potential of a Disney theme park as an economic catalyst to build a complete community. By measuring market support and determining economic feasibility of an appropriate configuration of land use at the site, the master plan will serve as the starting point of an integrated, phased development program. The economic master plan rests in part upon the contributions of previous research into Florida tourism and the Orlando area economic base. Information in greater depth, and previously unpublished data were developed from the confidential files of the Florida Development Commission and by original research conducted in Florida. This material is presented in the two sections of the report immediately following the summary and conclusions. Detailed analysis of each land use appropriate to Project Future makes up the remainder of the report. Report No "1078" and "ERA #633" on cover. Prepared for Walt Disney Productions. Includes figures and tables.

From Harrison Buzz Price Papers, Special Collections & University Archives, University of Central Florida Libraries, Orlando, Florida




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