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A History of the Disney Company and Its Utilization of Animation as an Art Form
An Interview with Blaine Gibson
Timothy Gregg

Oral history interview with Mr. Blaine Gibson by St. Andrew's Episcopal School student Timothy Gregg. In this interview Mr. Gibson presents the Disney Company from the perspective of a Disney animator.

  • Mr. Gibson as a child making clay sculptures
  • Basics of animation
  • The math of animation
  • Effects vs. character animation
  • Making the audience believe the work
  • Walt Disney and the beginning Disney films
  • Walt’s leadership: hiring animators to draw his vision
  • Mr. Gibson talking about his grandson and me
  • “Part of a team”, working as a group
  • Beginning of the Pirate Ride
  • Move to Sculpture
  • Make-a-Wish foundation
  • Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney interactions
  • Steamboat Willie
  • Later sculptures
  • Induction as a Disney Legend
  • Post-retirement work
  • Old-fashioned vs. modern animation



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