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Roy Disney's telegram to notify worldwide Disney offices the day after Walt’s death
Roy O. Disney
Please convey the following statement by Roy Disney to all employees and associates. "The death of Walt Disney is a loss to all the people of the world. In everything he did, Walt had ad intuitive way of reaching out and touching the hearts and minds of young and old alike. His entertainment was an international language. For more than 40 years people have looked to Walt Disney for the finest quality in family entertainment. There is no way to replace Walt Disney he was an extraordinary man. Perhaps there will never be another like him. I know that we who worked at his side for all these years will always cherish the years and minutes we spent in helping Walt Disney entertain the people of the world. The world will always be a better place because Walt Disney was it's master showman. As President and chairman of the board of Walt Disney Productions I want to assure the public, our stockholders and each of our more than 4.000 employees that we will continue to operate Walt Disney's company in the way he has established and guided it. Walt Disney spent his entire life and almost every working hour, in the creative planning of motion pictures, Disneyland, television shows, and all the other diversified activities that have carried his name through the years. Around him, Walt Disney gathered the kind of creative people who understood his way of communicating with the public through entertainment. Walt's ways were always unique, and he built a unique organization. A team of creative people that he was justifiably proud of. I think Walt would have wanted me to repeat his words to describe the organization he built over the years. Last October, when he accepted the "Showman of the World" award in New York, Walt said: 'The Disney organization now has more than four thousand employees, many have been with us for over 30 years. They take great pride ind the organization which they helped to build. Only through the talent, the labor and the dedication of this staff could any Disney project get off the ground. We all think alike in the ultimate pattern.' [M]uch of Walt Disney'[s] energies had bee directed preparing for this day. It was Walt's whish that when the time came, he would have build an organization with the creative talents to carry on as he had established and directed it through the years. Today this organization has been built and we will carry out this wish. Walt Disney's preparation for the future that Walt had begun – new motion pictures, the expansion of Disneyland, television production and our Florida and Mineral King projects will continue to move ahead. That is the way Walt wanted it to be." Private family funeral services. No flowers.


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