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Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle
Booklet from 1957

Imagination is the mold from which reality is created.

Centuries ago men of vivid imagination created the fairytales which live to this day, even though in many cases the authors' names have been lost in the mist of antiquity.

Of all these stirring legends of Princes and Princesses, of witches and fairies, and of the triumph of good over evil, none has ever been so inspirational to me as SLEEPING BEAUTY.

From the time I started making motion pictures I dreamed of bringing Sleeping Beauty to life through the medium of animation.

But its scope defied us until recent years when our creative talent and technical advances made its production possible.

Sleeping Beauty is the most beautiful and exacting picture we have ever made — and without doubt our costliest.

It has been a definite challenge but thanks to our talented staff of artists and technicians, it has been met.

And now as a result of our vast research and motion picture production efforts, Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland has been completed. Through the medium of key scenes from our film, we have symbolized its timeless enchantments. Here behind these castle walls, in these towers and courts, may be seen the joys and tears of the beautiful Princess Aurora, mingled in her great adventure with the powers of good and evil.

We hope the magic spell of these scenes and sounds will revive in every beholder's heart some image of his own most precious dreams — the dreams from which all enduring fairytales are made.
-- Walt Disney




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