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Walt Disney’s letter to Ub Iwerks

[Jerry Beck writes: "This is] a handwritten letter written in 1924 by Walt to his former colleague and soon-to-be designer of Mickey Mouse, Ub Iwerks (1901-1971). This is the letter – which has been quoted in such books as Mike Barrier’s The Animated Man, Bob Thomas’ Walt Disney: An American Original, and Leslie Iwerks/John Kenworthy’s The Hand Behind The Mouse – in which Walt convinces Ub to come to Hollywood and join the studio[."…]

"Dear friend Ubbe,

I’ll say I was surprised to hear from you and also glad to hear from you. Everything is going fine with us and I am glad you have made up your mind to come out. Boy, you will never regret it — this is the place for you — a real country to work and play in — no kidding — don’t change your mind — remember what ol’ Horace Greeley said” ‘Go west young man — go west!’

We have just finished our sixth comedy for M. J. Winkler and are starting tomorrow on the seventh of the first series of twelve. Miss Winkler is well pleased with them and has given us some high praise — she is leaving New York for here June 1st, and I believe we will be able to start a twice a month schedule, instead of our monthly schedule. […]" [Full transcript of letter to be found at source site.]


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