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newest Disney fantasy, is the charming tale of the little boy who flies with Wendy through the dangers and delights of Never Land

Tinker Bell, tiny as Peter's thumb, uses magic to teach people to fly Peter Pan takes Wendy to Never Land, where she is captured by Captain Hook, the evil pirate, and condemned to walk the plank. Peter saves her after a duel with Hook

Two residents of Mermaid Lagoon listen as Peter, with Wendy beside him, extols World of Reality. The boy who refused to grow up, Peter comes from Land of Imagination. Wendy, a human, believes in him

 Wendy and her two small brothers hide in Cave of the Lost Boys after escaping Captain Hook. Lost Boys have no parents, are both comical and pathetic. Wendy sings them a song, "Your Mother and Mine"

In Never Land also live fierce Indian braves, whose encampment is on top of high precipice. At their war dance they name Peter Pan "Little Flying Eagle" because he saved chief's daughter from Captain Hook

Things look serious for Wendy, her brothers and the Lost Boys when they are seized by the Indians and threatened with death at the stake. Peter saves them, and "Squaw" Wendy is ordered to gather firewood

Captain Hook smiles as Tinker Bell, sitting on champagne cork, re- veals children's hiding place. In this film she's portrayed as a real character. In all earlier Peter Pans she's been just a beam of light

The Crocodile, who haunts Hook and has clock ticking in his stomach, is the film's most hilarious character




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