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Harrison Ellenshaw reveals all....(almost!)
Peter Cook
[…] Harrison [Ellenshaw] is but a part of a cinematic and artistic legacy that stretches back to the early 1920's in Britain and France and continued unabated through the large part of the 20th Century and beyond, to this very day. Not too many families can boast such an illustrious lineage.[…]
  • A Post Traditional Era Prelude
  • The Early Days – Peter, Pop and Bobbie
  • Artistic Expression - It Runs in the Family
  • Walt and Peter – Creative Partners
  • Jules Verne, Captain Nemo & 20'000 Leagues
  • Growing up in the Shadow of a Master Artist
  • Matte Making According to Harrison
  • Bowie & Roeg's ‘r' Rated Odyssey
  • From Disney to Lucasfilm – Graduation & Fame
  • Catching the Wave With John Milius
  • A Hole in One – The Black Hole
  • LucasFilm Calls Back – Heading North to ILM
  • Goin' Back to Burbank – Disney Calling
  • Taking Visuals to a Whole New Dimension - TRON
  • Not so Super Superman – a Waste of Talent
  • Studio Politics + Star Ego's - Not Exactly Heaven Sent
  • Comic Strip Wonderland – Dick Tracy
  • The Rise and Fall of Buena Vista Visual Effects
  • "I'm Ready for My Close up Mr Ellenshaw" – Taking the Reigns
  • Xena, Kiwi's and Other Oddities


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