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The Disney Studio Strike

For years you have been fighting a labor situation in this country, one which has finally hit me.

No doubt you have heard or read about the strike at our Disney studio. A minority of rather new employees signed up with the A. F, of L, and went out on strike for recognition as sole bargaining agent for all Disney employees. The majority of us remained working with our independent union.

The strike continued for more than two months, with the A. F, of L, making dire threats and outrageous demands for the strikers. Even going so far as trying to kick our majority out of the industry.

Finally a man from the National Conciliation Board in Washington, entered the picture to settle things. He admitted we had the majority and should get the decision, but decided to award the verdict to the strikers because the government wanted peace with the labor unions. Now is that Democracy?

Now here's what has happened. The A. F, of L, has forced Walt Disney to close the studio for at least two weeks. They would not let him fire the men he wanted to. They insisted he fire the majority of non-strikers or they would boycott his business again. Roy Disney has been in Washington talking to the head of the National Conciliation Board. He has told them either he and Walt run their own business their own way or they close down for good. They will not stand by and see their business run by a group of union racketeers.

Your cover article on the February 1937 issue of the "Record" and the Lukens Steel article on page 31 of the same issue foretold, 4 years in advance, what was to come.

Thanks to the A. F, of L., I am now out of a job which I earned and held on the strength of my own ability and talent.

No. Hollywood, Calif.


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