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There's always something new at Disneyland
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If you haven't visited Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom since 1965, you've missed almost half the fun!

A whole new land has opened — NEW ORLEANS SQUARE, recreating the sight and sound of the days when cotton was king and the steamboat ruled the Mississippi. Dine by moonlight (all day long) on the Blue Bayou Terrace... or sail with the wildest crew that ever sacked and burned the Spanish Main — the infamous PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.

Two new worlds have moved here from the New York World's Fair—the enchanting IT'S A SMALL WORLD, a children's magic kingdom visited by the happiest cruise that ever circled the globe... and the fantastic PRIMEVAL WORLD, where giant brontosaurus and stegosaurus battle for survival in the age of dinosaurs. More than 45 Million in new attractions have opened at Disneyland since 1965!

And now, for 1967, Disneyland Ambassador Marcia Miner and an old friend – Mickey Mouse – invite you to come this way to preview the biggest Disneyland news since opening day 12 years ago...



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