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An Interview of Tony Baxter
Lee Mac Donald
Since 1994 Disneyland Paris fans are dreaming of the Little Mermaid attraction concept. Designed by Tony Baxter, the attraction was supposed to be build after the park's opening. As we know it's in California Adventure that the Little Mermaid dark ride will finally open in 2011. Disneyland Paris fans will still have to wait a bit, but if everything goes fine the attraction should come at DLP in the near future. Thanks to Lee Mac Donald and Lindsay Cave from the excellent "Tales from the Laughing Place" Magazine i have the pleasure to post on Disney and more this great interview of Imagineer Tony Baxter, previously published in Tales from the Laughing Place Issue 8. The article below includes pictures of the models and renderings for the attraction storyboards. At the end of the article, you will also find the Little Mermaid virtual ride video, which shows the attraction as it was envisioned for Disneyland Paris. […]


Tony Baxter (Interviewee), Sam McKim (Reference), Jeffrey Katzenberg (Reference), Ray Bradbury (Reference), George Lucas (Reference)


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