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'Fantasound': a Technological Epoch
Part I
William E. Garity, J. N. A. Hawkins
Here is the thrilling story of that marvelous technical achievement of the multiple-speaker system known as "Fantasound," currently used for reproducing Walt Disney's "Fantasia," now established after 48 weeks consecutive showing on Broadway as the all-time, all-champ sound motion picture. Technical preparation for this epic production included the exploration on paper of several hundred different equipment combinations, which subsequently were translated into ten different systems before the final form was decided upon. The production of "Fantasia," excluding release prints, required the use of five million feet of film! In the appended article are discussed first some of the deficiencies of conventional sound-picture reproduction, and then follows a complete history of the "Fantasound" development. In addition are described in considerable detail the various important elements of the system. No technician will fail to be thrilled by this exposition of the planning and execution of one of the greatest technical achievements in the history of the film art. […]


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