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Production Process for Animated Cartoons
Part I
William E. Garity

Always important to the well-balanced motion picture program, the animated cartoon benefited tremendously through a clever utilization of sound accompaniments and, lately, through color. Probably - the outstanding motion picture cartoons are the Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony subjects produced by Walt Disney Studios, and the accompanying paper by Mr. Garity, originally presented to the Pacific Coast Section of the S. M. P. E., explains in detail the production process at these studios. — Editor.

The method followed in producing a sound cartoon is basically simple. The degree of its success depends almost entirely upon the care and attention given to detail. The picture is built up frame by frame, and any tendency to overlook detail is reflected in the finished product. When one realizes that from ten to fifteen thousand individual drawings are required for each complete production, it becomes clear why such great care must be exercised by all the production departments.

This company (Disney), produces two series of cartoons, the Mickey Mouse and the Silly Symphonies. In the former, it has been the endeavor to build up definite personalities, not only of Mickey and Minnie, but of all the supporting characters as well. Every effort is made to maintain the same personality of each character in each picture, so as to establish that character in the mind of the public. The Silly Symphonies are entirely free from any such limitation, and wide latitude is possible in selecting the subjects. It is the present intent to maintain this series in the realm of the unreal. […]


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