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Slyfield's new Mixers' Gallows
Disney sound chief's novel cueing arrangement for helping out the re-recording mixer an aid to better artistry in sound
J. N. A. Hawkins
Sam Slyfield, chief of sound at Walt Disney's, has dreamed up one of the most useful cueing arrangements for helping out the re-recording mixer that has appeared to date. It is called by the Disney soundman "the mixers' gallows." As all soundmen know, the final sound negative from which the release print is made, is a composite of from three to fifteen individual sound tracks which are re-recorded in synchronism from individual film phonographs. One of these tracks will have the dialogue on it, another the effects, a third will be the music track and often additional tracks will carry extra effects, added music and dialogue. It is the function of the re-recording, or dubbing mixer to vary the volume level of each individual sound track so that levels on the composite track will have proper dramatic relationships and thus satisfy the producer. […]



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