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Disney Multiplane Camera
Technical details of new technique which solved problems of adapting cartoon production to feature length.
Probably no development in cinecamera practice recently has provoked as much discussion as the new multiplane camera with which Walt Disney's organization was able to overcome the handicaps of cartoon picture production satisfactorily for the first fulllength cartoon feature, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." The new technique for animation production with this camera combines precise mathematical control with much greater elasticity of action and photographic effects. Many tricky obstacles were surmounted by the Disney organization in devising a workable camera to fit the specifications they had set for themselves. The following description of the Disney camera is technical enough to satisfy the demand of experts for information about this new technique, while still readily understandable by those with only average information on the photographic processes. The Mechanical Construction The camera crane itself consists of four vertical posts, and forms the framework to which the various units are movably attached. These four posts are maintained in proper relationship by means of castings located at the extremes of the posts. The posts are approximately eleven feet four inches in length and about four and one-half inches in diameter, and are hollow tubes. These columns are provided individually with racks extending their entire length. […]



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