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Tony Bancroft

Tony Bancroft is an iconic Disney animator from the Disney Renaissance. As an award-winning animator and director, he has produced some iconic characters that Disney fans know and love to this day, including Pumbaa from The Lion King, Iago from Aladdin, Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast, and many more. Tony also co-directed Mulan (1998) with Barry Cook and went on to develop various other projects at Disney and beyond. Today, Tony co-hosts an animation-focused podcast with his twin brother, Tom Bancroft, and teaches at Azusa Pacific University while continuing to work on an array of animated film and television projects.

In this Imagineer Podcast episode, we’ll discuss Tony’s expansive and impressive career, his advice for aspiring animators, and his work with some other famed animators and directors. It was a pleasure chatting with him and I cannot wait to share this episode with all of you!





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