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One of Walt’s — and Roy’s — Boys
Jack Cutting, an Artist Abroad
Jim Hollifield

A look at the career of Jack Cutting, an early Disney artist who later led the company's Foreign Department following his contributions as a member of the famed El Grupo trip to South America.

By the mid—1970s, Jack Cutting (1908—1988) was one of a very small number of remaining Disney employees who had joined the Studios in the 1920s. Hired in the wake of Mickey Mouse’s early success, Cutting represents one of the more obscure or underappreciated figures in the annals of Disney history. After making his own history as Disney’s first assistant director, Cutting saw his brief directing career later overshadowed by his skilled management of the Foreign Department, particularly in the area of creating foreign language versions of Disney films around the world. A member ofWalt’s polo team and an integral part of the El Grupo story, Cutting’s refined qualities and reliable skills earned him respect as one of the few individuals whose career successfully bridged the two Disney brothers’ distinct areas of creative and financial leadership.





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