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Gas plays important role at Disney's "dream world"

AS wondrous as the make-believe of Disneyland is the ubiquitous behind-the-scenes efficiency of gas, the ability of which to make people comfortable — even amidst the hectic atmosphere of a giant amusement park — was never better demonstrated than it is each day in Walt Disney's Anaheim (Calif.) dream world.

Nor is natural gas always behind the scenes. One of the first sights which has greeted more than 20,000 visitors who have come to Disneyland each day since its opening on July 18 has been Main Street, U.S.A., a reproduction of turn of-the-century days which is studded, with gas lights.

Another, and more unusual, role for natural gas in the park is its use in conjunction with the "freight" train, the scaled down version of an old-time cap stack "iron horse," which takes off from Frontierland for a passenger-laden ride around the perimeter of the entire grounds, The train is drawn by diesel-fired steam engine, and natural gas is used every morning to fire the engines for the day's firs run.



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