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A Conversation with Floyd Norman
Jason Anders

Jason Anders: So I know that you have been asked countless times what it was like to work on the classic Walt Disney animated features Sleeping Beauty, The Sword in the Stone and The Jungle Book, but what is it like to look back on it now and know that you were a part of that legacy?

Floyd Norman: There is always a feeling of satisfaction and pride when looking back on many of the classic Disney motion pictures you’ve participated in. Of course, films are a collaboration, and you realize you share that success with many others.

My fondest memories would be working alongside some of the greatest talent in the animation business. People whose work is awesome, and just being with them throughout a production is a privilege. The names of the talent are too numerous to mention, but I’m sure you have some idea of the Disney artists I’m talking about. Of course, many of us grew up watching these films when we were kids. You can imagine what a high it was to be working with some of the same men and women who created that magic.



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