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Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Care in Vacation Kingdom

How do you plan for emergencies when you have a business that employs some 7,000 workers and attracts between 25,000 and 50,000 persons every day?

The people who are operating Walt Disney World have planned for emergencies. From the years of experience in the operation of Disneyland in California, they found that their guests had few emergencies. But the heat and humidity of Florida's climate are factors to be considered.

Disney World has three first aid stations strategically located in the Vacation Kingdom. The central first aid station, located in the Victorian Pavilion, will have treatment rooms and a 36-bed ward for the guests. There will be a separate five-bed ward and treatment rooms for employees. A second first aid station, with six beds, is located at the main entrance complex; a third station is located in Fantasyland. Nurses from these stations can be on the scene of an emergency within two minutes, responding with a medical bag, portable oxygen equipment, and, if necessary, a stretcher.

Guests will be given first aid and recommendations may be made that they consult a physician. If necessary, an ambulance operated by the Reedy Creek Improvement District, will be called to take the guests to a satellite hospital of the Orange County Memorial Hospital located on the Disney World property – just off Interstate 4 and State Highway 535. The guest will make the decision to see a physician and at no time will the staff of Disney World give medical treatment.

The staffs of the first aid stations include 10 registered nurses, one nurse supervisor, four medical corpsmen and several hostesses. A physician is available at certain hours to see employees and take care of emergencies. An extensive communication network is used to alert the staff of any emergency and an extensive system of documentation iS used to keep medical records of employees and the treatment given guests.

[img]FIRST AID STATION – Emergency medical services at Walt Disney World's vacation kingdom are available for guests at first aid stations. This one near the Victorian Pavilion is shown under construction. Towering over the employees' entrance to the first aid station (below) are the turrets of Cinderella's Castle and the dome of the Crystal Palace.[/img]

[img]READY FOR PATIENTS – The 36-bed ward of the Walt Disney World's main first aid station awaits the emergencies that can be expected among the thousands of guests.[/img]




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