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Recreational Sanitation
Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World, the largest commercial attraction ever conceived by American industry and technology, is under construction in Central Florida. This vacation and entertainment complex, scheduled to open in October 1971, is "dedicated not only to how people play; but also to how they live and how they will work."


The State Legislature in 1967 organized the Reedy Creek Improvement District to help the Disney World Project begin developing 27,000 acres of Central Florida as a recreational attraction that would annually draw millions of people to Florida.

This unique development in entertainment and leisure started with the Disneyland Park in California. Some 93 million persons have visited this park. The popularity of the attraction led the Disney organization to start the East Coast project. The late Walt Disney said, "With the technical know-how of American industry and the creative imagination of the Disney organization, I'm confident we can build a living showcase that more people will talk about and come to look at than any other area of the world."

The foundation for Walt Disney World is rooted in the expanding tourist market of Florida and in the unique experience and success of Disneyland. More than 21 million tourists visited Florida in 1968, and it is estimated that 27 million will travel to the Sunshine State during the first year of Walt Disney World's operation.

The project will have a beneficial effect on the tourist industry of Florida. But millions of added tourists bring health problems for which the Division of Health, the Disney Project and Florida must plan. Additional motels, restaurants, service stations and other service establishments must be built to serve these added millions. The businesses will need sewage treatment plants, potable water supplies, solid waste disposal, and other needs which the Division of Health must supervise.


Water Planned for 20 Years


Waste Water from 100,000 Persons


A Solid Waste System




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