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Dinosaurs Go Digital
Patricia Berry

Dubbing a dinosaur movie is no simple matter. You can't just have someone standing in the background yelling “Hu-rew! Hu-rew!” every time the brontosaurus has a line.

So what do you do? Well, first you Call in a few whales, an elephant or two, some camels and hyenas. Then you call in Mark Mangini—and make sure he brings his computer. If he forgets...well, then you have a real zoo on your hands!

The producers of Baby, anew Disney film, made sure that Mark brought his computer to work on their movie. Baby, due out next month, is about an American scientist's discovery of a modern-day family of dinosaurs living in the African jungle. It stars William Katt (of TV's Great American Hero) and Sean Young (Chani in Dune). Baby is filled with the sounds of dinosaurs—courtesy of Mark Mangini, his partner, George Budd, and their sound effects company, Thundertracks.

Thundertracks dubbing has been heard in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Poltergeist, and 2010. Mark also worked on the sound effects in Gremlins, creating the voices of Gizmo and other gremlins from sounds made by his own baby son.

Baby's dino dialogue began with recordings of real animals— more than 20 of them, including bobcats, hyenas and dogs. Even before the animals were recorded, however, Mark's computer—an Alpha Micro multi-user system— went to work.




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