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The Autopia
Disneyland's "Expressway of the Future"
The full story of Walt Disney's "miniature freeway of tomorrow" ...the Disneyland Autopia system... has more twists and turns then the attraction's curving concrete roadway. Since July 1955, millions of guests (tall enough to reach the bottom of the sign) have steered their "futuristic sports cars" around cloverleafs, through underpasses, over bridges, and through the gardens and forests of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. During its forty-two year history, the constantly evolving Autopia has featured at least four different versions of its "car of tomorrow," within five distinct Autopia attractions. While some early rides and exhibits have disappeared as their themes became outdated, most Disneyland attractions are timeless, and have continued to entertain us for decades. The Autopia fits in neither of these categories. As Disney attraction it is unique in its growth and development. Like the real cars they emulate, these little vehicles, their roadways, and the fun they've provided have both served and mirrored the American family's interest in the automobile. Disney's automotive attraction has continued to reflect public preference while surviving the eras of construction and renovation, always returning to Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. […]


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