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Disney True Life Adventures - The Milotte's and BeeBe's

Originally Aired on the Disney Channel November 1985 (#18 in The Series of 20 Disney Family Albums)
In 1948, Walt Disney viewed a short wildlife film by Alfred and Elma Milotte at a travel lecture. That short film led to Walt contacting the Milotte’s and sending them on location in the Alaska wilderness to capture some footage. The result was Seal Island, the first Disney true-life adventure film, and an Academy Award winner for best short subject. As Ema Milotte recalls in the video, “We never worked for Walt Disney Productions, we always worked for Walt Disney.” There was no story line, no script, just footage of animals in their natural surroundings. While the Milotte’s would only observe animals, Lloyd BeeBe would bring them home, and Walt helped him establish his Olympic Game Farm west of Seattle; that game farm is still open and operated by their family Olympic Game Farm. An expert animal handler, Lloyd used his animals for some footage, but Walt quickly sent the BeeBe’s to the white wilderness of Canada, for more true-life adventures.


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