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Analysis and discussion of pole vault and high jump action
Part II
The last of this bunch of Action Analysis Classes, this one brings us Don Graham's (and, indirectly, Walt Disney's) interesting views on rotoscoping and the use of live action. This has direct application in today's world, with MoCap films nominated for Academy Awards. Pages 7 and 8 should be required reading for Academy voters... Comments on rotoscoping also from Stan Quackenbush, J[acques] Roberts, Snyder, John Elliotte, [Walter F.] Clinton and Les Novros. Note also that [Dick] Anthony says "...they're going to give us the deer now" - Bambi was on the table, but Pinocchio was decided upon at the last moment. Don Graham notes that "to learn to animate you have to animate", and that "Spencer, Thomas, Woolie and Quackenbush" got to animate rather quickly. The lesson ends with a look at the High Jump...



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