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Analysis and criticism on Orphans' Picnic
Five weeks passed after Walt sent his famous memo to Don Graham on Dec. 23, 1935. After a Jan. 6th class on orphan characters, followed by two classes on drapery, it's time to look critically at Ben Sharpsteen's Prod. UM39 - Orphan's Picnic, slated for a Feb. 15, 1936 release. See for yourself - the film is on Treasures DVD "Mickey Mouse in Living Color", Vol.1, Disc 1. We are in a meeting led by Don Graham, with Lee Moorehouse, Ugo D'Orsi, Jim Algar, Tony Rivera, Al Eugster, Bill Shull, Bernie Wolf, Frank (Thomas?), Archie Robin, Ward Kimball, Don Towsley and Murray Griffen. […]



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