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A Grand Tribute to Tim Delaney
Part 1
Alain Littaye

You may have read on other websites that Imagineers Tim Delaney and Valerie Edwards are leaving Walt Disney Imagineering. They're not the only Imagineers to leave WDI, and, to say it kindly, it's not by their own accord.

Although i have not met with Tim Delaney since almost ten years, i knew him well during the making of my Disneyland Paris book, "From Sketch to Reality", as Tim was the show-producer for DLP's Discoveryland. Starting today, i will do a four-part grand tribute to hIm as Tim was really an Imagineer extraordinaire and one of WDI most brilliant show designer.

The first time i've met Tim was back in 1994 some days before the opening of "Les Mystères du Nautilus" at DLP. At that time i was journalist and i had the pleasure of a private visit of Nemo's legendary submarine alone with Tim - that you can see on the picture below, sit on the Nautilus, before the lagoon was filled. Of course it was great and the giant squid show dazzled me. At that time the show was longer and lasted almost five minutes, and before the giant squid appeared you could see one of his giant tentacle hitting the hull of the Nautilus.



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