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Mickey Mouse Squeals
J.P. McEvoy

I have just had a long talk with Mickey Mouse. I wanted to know how he got that way. I wanted to know how he could jump around and dance and sing; and since, like Mickey Mouse, I too am a simple child of nature. I thought the best way to find out was to go and ask him. So I had my secretary get his secretary on the phone and make an appointment for an interview.

“What is your business with Mickey Mouse?" said the secretary very briskly.

But my secretary. who is just as brisk-if not brisker-said, “ Mr. McEvoy wants to talk to Mickey Mouse himself. In a pinch he will talk to Minnie. If he can’t see Minnie he will talk to any of the Three Little Pigs, except the grouchy one. The one who says. ‘ Work and play don't mix.’ Mr. McEvoy thinks he is a disagreeable, smug little citizen and he won't have any part of him. If he can’t talk to the Three Little Pigs he will talk to the Big Bad Wolf, but he doesn't need an appointment for that, because all he has to do is open the door and let him in."

Well, you know how secretaries are. The best thing to do is let them out-brisk each other, and while they are wearing each other down you just go ahead and get things done. And that's how I got to see Mickey Mouse himself.




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