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Back To The Future
Artists at Pixar Animation Studio embrace new tools and techniques to create Incredibles 2.
Barbara Robertson

In real time, Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2 takes place 14 years after the first film, but in “Incredible” time, it’s only a few months later.

Superhero stunts are illegal in Municiberg, the Parr family’s hometown, so Mr. Incredible/Bob (Craig T. Nelson) and Elastigirl/ Helen (Holly Hunter) have been lying low, raising their kids Violet, Dash, and baby Jack-Jack, and hiding their superpowers. Violet seems almost like a normal high school kid. Dash plays video games. Jack-Jack has a few teeth now.

“I thought about aging [the Parr family], and then I thought, ‘That sucks,’” says Brad Bird, who wrote and directed both films. “That’s about as deep as it went.”

Instead, he switched up the family dynamic.

The film opens with a wild action scene as Mr. Incredible (primarily) tries to stop the villain Underminer, who is attacking the city. But havoc ensues, and the government decides to completely shut down the program that protected “supers.” The Parrs have two weeks left in a subsidized motel room and no way to pay the bills. Fortunately, the Deavors, a rich brother and sister team whose father loved superheroes, want to bring back the supers. Rather than promoting Mr. Incredible, though, they choose Elastigirl – Helen – as their super star. Bob must stay home and take care of the kids.



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