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Chicken Little: Inside the History of Disney's First CGI Movie

The creators of Disney's first CGI movie 'Chicken Little' speak candidly on the film's anniversary about the troubled production.

15 years ago, Disney released its first feature-length computer-animated film. That’s a pretty huge milestone, one that should probably be celebrated, or at the very least remembered. But the movie that ushered in this new era of Walt Disney Animation, paving the way for such zeitgeist-capturing blockbusters as Frozen and Zootopia, has been all but forgotten. Chicken Little, released on November 4, 2005 (and now streaming on Disney+), might not have left a lasting impression but it should still be commemorated. After all, this was a Disney animated feature that somehow weathered several regime changes, constant creative interference, and an arms race for computer-animation dominance that saw the movie entirely shut down and reconceived halfway through production. This chicken was a survivor.



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