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Animating the Cartoon
William Garity The production of a cartoon involves the following through of many minute details and the system we have developed here has attempted to eliminate the personal equation of the individual. Detailed records are maintained at all times to prevent errors and overlapping of work. When you realize that some 12,000 drawings are necessary to produce a single cartoon, and that each of these drawings must be handled several times and must be photographed in their proper sequence, and further, that it requires about six months to produce a cartoon, you may well realize the importance of maintaining adequate and complete control of the production at all times. Our most serious problem is that of the creation of new stories, and in this our problem differs very slightly from that of the live-action producers. Our story department is divided into three units. The first unit develops new ideas, the treatments of those ideas, and prepares a rough draft of the proposed story. The second unit takes the rough draft and works on it to develop the situation introducing gags, and finally produces a rather complete adaptation. This adaptation is then taken by a third unit and it is reduced to a working script for the cartoon director. […]




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