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Return to Neverland
Peter Pan Flies Again, As Disney Offers Up Another All-in-the-Family Sequel
Andrew Osmond

It's all about finding faith, trust and pixie-dust," said Chris Chase, producer of the new Disney animated film RETURN TO NEVERLAND. Chase was talking about RETURNs lead character, Jane, daughter of one Wendy Darling and the heroine of this sequel to Disney's 1953 film, PETER PAN. Abducted from wartime London by a vengeful Captain Hook (who mistakes Jane for her mother), the girl is taken to the dream-world of Neverland, falling in with its hero Peter Pan and his loyal Lost Boys.

"Jane is about ten or eleven years old," said Chase, "and shes in a difficult situation at the start of the film. Her father has gone off to the war, and while her mother, Wendy (voiced by Kath Soucie, whose past roles include Daisy Duck in the TV series QUACK PACK) is home, Jane has a lot of the responsibility of caring for her little brother, Danny. Janes a very practical, serious girl—under a lot of pressure. The film charts her emotional journey, as she comes to terms with her responsibilities and at the same time regains her sense of hope and wonder."



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